Donald Trump’s rivals’ domains redirect to his website!

Have you been to Rahm Emanuel’s website recently? If so, you might notice an unexpected face gracing the screen: Donald Trump.

On Monday, the Chicago mayor criticized Trump’s presidential campaign. While voting in the Illinois primary race, Emanuel—who previously served as President Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff until 2010—commented on Trump’s noted ties to white supremacist groups. “Whether it was dealing with Mussolini or David Duke, his statements or the lack of clarity around his statements, you know, you sleep in the bed you make,” Emanuel told the Chicago Tribune. “And I think that playing with dark forces come[s] back to haunt you. And this is not a joke.”

Either Donald Trump himself or someone with a sense of humor responded by buying up Rahm Emanuel’s domain name. Currently, the URL for redirects to Trump’s own website—which is emblazoned with his “Make America Great” slogan.

This is just Trump’s most recent instance of domain trolling. Back in December, the Internet discovered that someone had purchased the domain for—which was reportedly on sale for $250,000. That’s, of course, chump change if you’re using your reported $4 billion in net worth to finance your own trip to the Oval Office.

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