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Tedcruz.com supports Hillary. Really?

Even Obama supporters have joined in. TedCruz.com displays a message about immigration reform—advising visitors to support Obama. These days, the website is used to promote Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign!

www.loser.com? SURPRISE!

While acquiring the websites of many of his critics after their domains expire, he’s also reportedly bought up a lot of the domain names that would be used to strike back at him—including TrumpIsFired.com, NoMoreTrump.com, DonaldTrumpPonziScheme.com, TrumpCorporationSucks.com, and DonaldTrumpSucks.com. He did not, however, purchase Loser.com, which would come back to haunt him. Following his loss in Iowa, [...]

Hillaryclinton.net goes to Carly Fiorina’s website!

HillaryClinton.net used to take visitors to Carly Fiorina’s website, but the former Hewlett Packard chief forfeited the URL after she dropped out of the Republican presidential race. (Her campaign previously denied any involvement in the domain’s acquisition.) HillaryClinton.net now redirects to Trump’s page. And until recently, visiting CarlyFiorina.org would remind users of the 30,000 employees she was [...]

Look what Trump did with Rahm’s domain!

Donald Trump's rivals' domains redirect to his website! Have you been to Rahm Emanuel’s website recently? If so, you might notice an unexpected face gracing the screen: Donald Trump. On Monday, the Chicago mayor criticized Trump’s presidential campaign. While voting in the Illinois primary race, Emanuel—who previously served as President Barack Obama’s White House chief of [...]

Why did Donald Trump buy 3,000 domain names?

The businessman owns thousands of domains which include his presidential campaign site DonaldJTrump.com and his company site Trump.com, along with obscure Trump-related domain names. Other domains bought by Trump include: 253 web addresses about Ivanka: including IvankaHotel.com, IvankaPokerChampion.com, and IvankaTrumpEyes.com. 8 web addresses about things that suck: including TrumpNetworkMarketingSucks.com, TrumpVodkaSucks.com, and, of course, DonaldTrumpSucks.com. 3 web addresses [...]

Presidential candidates losing the domain game?

Some of this year's presidential candidates aren't masters of their domains. Many politician-themed Internet domains instead present criticism, humor or redirect to competitors' websites, reflecting the high-speed web race to the White House. Republican Jeb Bush is among the latest candidates pranked after failing to protect a web address. Bush's campaign website is jeb2016.com — but anyone who [...]

JebBush.com redirects to Trump!

Ahh, the importance of a domain. It can help make or brake a campaign, right Jeb? You should've bought nebbish.com so instead of Donald Trump's info, it could've have yours. Do the same to him! Anybody, like the Doctor in Boca Raton, can get a domain and blog whatever they want for or against any [...]

CNN Money-Hillary Websites going for 295K!

The likely Democratic presidential hopeful already claims one: HillaryClinton.com. That's owned by Friends of Hillary, the campaign committee created for her U.S. Senate runs in 2000 and 2006. And she used it when she ran for president in 2008. Today, HillaryClinton.com's homepage gives no inkling that another campaign is afoot, but that's expected to change soon. [...]